Art and Sustainability

"Why should we think upon things that are lovely? Because thinking determines life. It is a common habit to blame life upon the environment. Environment modifies life but does not govern life. The soul is stronger than its surroundings." –William James (1842-1910), American philosopher and psychologist

Thank you! December 7, 2011

14 shows. 15 artists. Over 220 works of art. 2 1/2 years. Thank you, Sightline Institute, for a wonderful opportunity to combine three of my passions: art, sustainability, and community. Thank you to all of the artists who showed their amazing work. And thank you to all of you viewers and readers who have expressed appreciation about that work. It’s been a fabulous experience. Stay tuned to see how this Art & Sustainability website evolves.

Becky Brooks
Volunteer Curator for the “Art & Sustainability” series of art shows at Sightline Institute


Photos from Julia’s show at Sightline July 9, 2009

Julia pondering

Julia Hensley pondering the placement of her artwork in the Sightline lobby.


West From Gasworks by Julia Hensley

“West from Gasworks” Gouache-on-paper collage by Julia Hensley.



Julia Hensley’s art hanging in the lobby of the Sightline Institute office in downtown Seattle.



Julia Hensley’s art hanging in the lobby of the Sightline Institute office in downtown Seattle.


Urban Perspective: City Views by Julia Hensley June 4, 2009

by Julia Hensley

Miller Paint by Julia Hensley

I am pleased to announce the work of artist Julia Hensley now on display at Sightline Institute through the end of June. “Urban Perspective: City Views” is a collection of mostly local urban landscapes in abstraction and multiple media: oil, acrylics, and gouache-on-paper collage. An excerpt from Julia’s statement about this body of work:

I love coaxing a composition from the banal chaos of urban detail – the more obscure and unpromising the corner of the city, the better. My vision is an invented perspective informed by cubism, pixelation, quilts, and Mondrian’s grids, in which the city is seen as if from above and head on simultaneously…The flattening effect of the verticals and horizontals also serves my interest in reality as illusion – an idea reinforced by years of painting scenery for theater and television…I invite the viewer to freely interpret place and mood.

Born in South Africa, Julia received her BFA at Boston University. She currently lives in Seattle and is a talented painter and collage artist, as well as a much respected and beloved teacher of drawing and painting. She is represented by Sunne Savage Gallery in Winchester, Massachusetts. Keep up with Julia on her painting blog, her art discussion blog, and her journal.

You can view a slide show of most of the works on display, but be sure to see them in person at Sightline! All 13 pieces are available for purchase.

What thoughts about sustainability are inspired by this art? Share yours in a comment.