Art and Sustainability

"Why should we think upon things that are lovely? Because thinking determines life. It is a common habit to blame life upon the environment. Environment modifies life but does not govern life. The soul is stronger than its surroundings." –William James (1842-1910), American philosopher and psychologist

“Life in Cascadia” by Liz Ashley May 12, 2010

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Beginning the second year of the “Art and Sustainability” series of art shows at Sightline Institute, we are pleased to present the art of Liz Ashley, now on view through the end of June. “Life in Cascadia” is a collection of 13 oil paintings on wood panels, each depicting a landscape and/or wildlife that is (or could be) a scene found in Cascadia. Liz says this about her work:

I consider myself a naturalist painter who sways between realism and impressionism. I’m inspired by my surroundings and that is the root of each painting. Sometimes I start with a photograph to get the essence of a piece and then put the photo aside and let my memory of a place or an animal paint the rest of the picture. I find by doing this that it can dramatically change the colors and the landscape and make the scene more inviting than in the actual photograph.

When you see her work in person, be sure to read the accompanying “Field Notes” next to each painting. Each gives a story behind its creation and, when applicable, some facts about the wildlife present. With her elegant paintings of birds in the wild, Liz was appropriately part of a recent group show, “Birds of a Feather,” at Cancer Lifeline in Seattle.

Born and raised in Northern California, Liz received a BS degree in Design from UC Davis, which led to being a design stylist and later a website designer. She considers herself self-taught in oil and watercolor painting. Currently living on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, Washington, where she is inspired by nature every day, Liz is one of the original members of artEAST, Issaquah’s non-profit arts organization, as well as a board member at Providence Marianwood. Her artwork can be found at UP Front [art] in downtown Issaquah.

To view her art at Sightline during May and June, visit the office between 10am and 3pm on weekdays. All works are available for purchase. Contact Liz directly at liz (at) lizashley (dot) com with sales inquiries.

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What thoughts about sustainability are inspired by Liz’s art (and by art in general)? Share yours in a comment.

UPDATE: Liz’s show has been extended through the end of July!

"Cattails" oil on panel, 24" x 48", by Liz Ashley