Art and Sustainability

"Why should we think upon things that are lovely? Because thinking determines life. It is a common habit to blame life upon the environment. Environment modifies life but does not govern life. The soul is stronger than its surroundings." –William James (1842-1910), American philosopher and psychologist

“Dislocation” by Sue Danielson September 4, 2009

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"Dreaming Home in Pink" by Sue Danielson

"Dreaming Home in Pink" by Sue Danielson

We are pleased to announce the third show in our series at Sightline Institute in downtown Seattle. Seattle artist Sue Danielson has her
“Dislocation” series on display through the end of October.

On view are 15 acrylic paintings, some with collage elements and ink as well. In mostly muted tones with splashes of brighter color, Sue’s paintings depict “the disparity between reality and dreams of home.” Prompted by recent events in her life and in the world around her, Sue has explored and investigated this gap. She says,

It seemed that the meaning of home was shifting around me. I began to wonder how much our longing for home is purely emotional once we move beyond the need for physical shelter. It occurred to me that home is a symbol of our imaginings. I am interested in what happens when reality and dreams of home do not quite line up. The desire to put this into two-dimensional space is what compels me to paint.

Sue Danielson has studied under Paul McCall, Julia Hensley, and Michael Howard and is inspired by the landscape and environment of the Pacific Northwest where she has lived most of her life. A proud Sightline donor for several years, Sue currently lives in Seattle and paints in her studio at Ballard’s Building C. You can catch her in her studio on the Second Saturday of the month during Ballard’s Art Walk.

To view her art at Sightline during September and October, visit the office between 10am and 3pm on weekdays. All 15 pieces are available for purchase.

Sightline Institute
1402 Third Ave,
Fifth Floor, Suite 500
Seattle, WA
206-447-1880 ext. 100

What thoughts about sustainability are inspired by Sue’s art (and by art in general)? Share yours in a comment.


Photos from Bryan’s show at Sightline September 3, 2009

bryan and sculptures

Bryan Smith installing his artwork at Sightline Institute.



Three individual cardboard sculptures (“Hoppy” (large) and “You” (two smaller pieces)) installed above the bookcase.


MissionRipe by BryanSmith

“Mission Ripe,” found cardboard boxes on hexboard, by Bryan Smith. 46″x36″x2″


bryan and becky

Becky Brooks, curator, and Bryan Smith, artist, after installing Bryan’s show at Sightline.


Bryan Smith WallDisplay3

Bryan Smith’s artwork hanging in the lobby of the Sightline Institute office in downtown Seattle.


Bryan Smith WallDisplay2

Bryan Smith’s artwork hanging in the lobby of the Sightline Institute office in downtown Seattle.



The view of the two-paneled “Pop” from the hallway.